Put the Civil Theft Incident Behind You (or Your Loved One) Today

A bad decision may have been made. We are not here to judge. We are here for our clients and want to assist you in making payment for our client’s requested civil damages. For well over 20 years, our law firm has represented retailers in the recovery of civil damages including statutory civil damages and has assisted the civil settlement process so that our clients and people in situations like yours can move past the retailer’s civil request. Don’t let a small error in judgment or the potential civil claim stay on your mind any longer than necessary.

Can’t make your full payment today? Please contact our friendly team at (888) 572-5637 so we can work out a payment plan. This will delay further letters and phone calls as long as you stay on track with what you agree to. We will be happy to discuss payment options.

You or possibly a loved one may have made a bad decision. We will assist in resolving the civil recovery matter smoothly and quickly.

This site was designed in order to provide an easy and secure method in which to pay your penalty. By choosing to pay via credit/debit card or with your bank/check account, a convenience fee may be added to each transaction. Should a partial payment be received, a non-refundable installment plan fee may be automatically assessed. Payments made on this web site are not refundable.

You have several convenient options to make your settlement payment. To settle your civil recovery today via mail or online payment, please visit our Pay Now page. We’ll walk you through the steps for making your payment.